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Thursday, September 2, 2010

if you're looking for baby shower ideas...

A few weeks ago I coordinated a baby (girl) shower for a friend of mine.
I got the idea for a flag garland from my friend Robin. I chose about 6 different fabrics to use for flags, and used twill tape at the top. I ended up using about 56 feet of twill tape, and sewed about 48 flags.The shower took place in the church basement, which was great for size since so many folks attended, but needed a little help to brighten it up. :) I tried to transform the space with a "garden picnic" theme. Here's a photo of pretty much the whole space. My talented pastry-chef friend, Annika (check out her foodie blog...the girl knows her stuff), did the amazing cupcakes. (don't you love how they look like poppies and dahlias??!!)
Seriously, Annika is amazing. A true artist.
Each table had 3 paper poppies, created by a team of super crafty gals and myself. Also at the tables we had party favors: sewn little fabric pouches, sealed with a big ol' diaper pin and stuffed with salt water taffies. Got the idea from Twig & Thistle.
In addition to the paper flowers and party favors, each table had two small picture frames. I bought the frames from the goodwill, spray painted them pink, and put baby quotes in each one. I found this cool font at Da Font. It's free!

My husband helped me assemble these hanging paper flowers...how cool is it that they're made out of gusseted paper bags?! Super easy. I ordered pink bags in bulk online.

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